Case Studies

Tracio ymgysylltiad ymwelwyr ar sawl dimensiwn: astudiaeth achos arloesol gyda Gardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol Cymru

(English) The Student Perspective by Gwendoline Wilson, Swansea University. My KESS project is looking at visitor behaviour in the National Botanical Gardens using animal tracking devices on humans. These devices not only track people’s movements throughout the garden but also where they are looking. This allows me to map out the parts of the garden that receive the highest volumes of traffic and those areas where there is less interest.

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Diffinio sut mae defnyddio systemau model cohort newydd cyn-glinigol

(English) The Student Perspective by Huw Morgan, Cardiff University. The project that I am working on is in partnership with Tenovus. I am looking at the utility of a novel pre-clinical cohort model system, which is in relation to breast cancer. The discovery and development of new drugs at any given time point is termed the drug pipeline and it can be broken down into four broad categories: i) discovery, ii) pre-clinical trials, iii) clinical trials and iv) marketing.

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Deall rôl gwrth/pro tiwmorigenig INF-Y mewn canser y coluddyn

Safbwynt Myfyriwr gan Chris Towers, Prifysgol Caerdydd. Mae fy mhrosiect KESS yn ystyried rôl molecwl o’r enw gama interfferon yn y system imiwnedd, ac rwy’n ceisio gweld p’un ai a yw’n cael effaith gadarnhaol ynteu effaith negyddol ar ganser colorectal. Mae fy mhrosiect yn bwysig gan mai canser colorectal yw’r ail ganser mwyaf difrifol o ran marwolaethau ac o ganlyniad mae’n hynod o bwysig dod o hyd i ffordd o leddfu’r dioddefaint a achosir gan yr afiechyd hwn.

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Ymchwilio i ddefnyddio system byffer protein gwahanol yn lle defnyddio anifeiliaid wrth gynhyrchu cynnyrch imiwnodiagnostig

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

(English) The Student Perspective by Emma Williams, Cardiff University. I am working with a company called Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, who manufacture immuno-diagnostic products. The company currently have around 50 types of medical kit and as part of my project I am working on two of these. The medical kits that I am working on are their Rubella and anti-HIV diagnostic kits.

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Effeithiolrwydd rhaglen hyfforddiant gwytnwch sy’n gysylltiedig â golff ar iechyd meddwl ac iechyd ffisiolegol pobl ifanc yn ardal sir Gaerfyrddin yng Nghymru

Carmarthen Golf Club

(English) The Student Perspective by Hamish Cox, Cardiff Metropolitan University. The main aim of the project is to develop teenager’s life skills; this is achieved through the creation of an intervention programme in partnership with Carmarthen Golf Club. The main need for the project was highlighted in the Carmarthenshire County Council brief for health and wellbeing and community 2011-14. Essentially the local authority is working proactively ensuring that young people are ready for the future so that they can thrive in adulthood.

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The design implementation & evaluation of a resilient coping & life skills development plan for adolescents within a Football Coach Education programme (The Student Perspective)

My KESS project is a collaboration between Cardiff Metropolitan University and the Welsh Football Trust. The project focusses on life skills development and resilient coping within adolescent footballers at a grassroots level, working with clubs but also with coaches. The aim is to develop a coaching education programme that will educate coaches within the Welsh Football Trust to then be able to go out and integrate the life skill and resilient coping development within their coaching.

The programme, that has been developed, focuses on the education of coaches, raising awareness around life skills, along with how they can be used in a practical coaching environment.

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Treuliad Anaerobig: potensial hyn i wella perfformiad economaidd ac amgylcheddol systemau ffermio organig (Safbwynt Myfyriwr)

(English) KESS PhD student talks about his experiences, John Walsh’s KESS project, economic benefits of anaerobic digesters.

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Mary Richards (Darowen) a chasglu alawon traddodiadol Cymru (Safbwynt Myfyriwr)

(English) I loved working with the company because it drew upon my love and expertise of the history of Welsh music. It was nice to have different perspective of my work outside of the world of academia, which at times was refreshing.

In the work place I gained extensive experience of using software that was beneficial for my PhD and the work with the company, it developed my musical and technical skills and that helped with what I was doing day to day with the PhD, and with the company’s publications in the long term. I was also given the opportunity to use new and different software on digitising tonic sol-fa into modern notation which was beneficial for the company as well. When typesetting the music I could put the tonic sol-fa line in, a considerable number of males voice choirs wanted the tonic sol-fa and instead of sending work out, it could be done internally.

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Datblygu amrywiaeth o domatos sy’n gallu gwrthsefyll malltod hwyr – ar gyfer hinsawdd Gogledd Ewrop (Safbwynt Myfyriwr)

(English) A different PhD model For me KESS has been a fantastic opportunity, being able to work on a project linked to a company that has real world objectives means that the research I am doing can be applied and is actually doing useful things in the real world, which has suited me quite well.

Highlights So far it would have to be having the opportunity to attend the Euroblight conference; because that was the first time I’d presented real original research that I’d done to an audience of other scientists. I also think generally getting my first results out of my trial and these actually being used by the company that I’m working with to inform what they are doing in their breeding programme; it was good to see my research actually being used.

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Effaith newid patrymau yn nefnydd a dosbarthiad cyfryngau digidol ar gwmnïau cynhyrchu cerddoriaeth sy’n fentrau bach a chanolig : edrych ar yr hyn sydd orau gan ddefnyddwyr, tueddiadau technolegol ac ymddygiad y gystadleuaeth. (Safbwynt Myfyriwr)

(English) Starting the PhD has opened up new challenges to me in terms of academic discipline; my PhD is a project that spans across two disciplines: the Business School and the School of Creative Industries, though the PhD itself sits within the Business School. From an academic development perspective having those two schools of thought has certainly helped me shape what I want to do in the future.

I think that there are a number of benefits for a company to work with a research partner, especially for a small company like Sain. In being a small company they have generally had to follow the larger companies in the industry in terms of development, working with a research partner has allowed them to see new ideas implemented much sooner. The company is constantly developing and as soon as something comes out from the research we try and implement it straight away.

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