Astudiaethau Achos: Iechyd & Meddygaeth

Prosiectau cyfredol KESS 2 mewn partneriaeth â Gofal Canser Tenovus

Tenovus Cancer Care

Mae’r ymchwil sy’n cael ei chefnogi drwy KESS 2 a Gofal Canser Tenovus wedi gwneud cymaint eisoes i helpu cleifion â chanser. Dyma brosiectau sy’n cael eu cefnogi ar hyn o bryd gan Ofal Canser Tenovus gyda KESS 2, i barhau i helpu pobl y mae canser yn effeithio arnynt.   2018 Amlinellu sut mae… Darllen mwy »

(English) Enhancing technology to improve patient care

Huntleigh Healthcare

Ymddiheurwn, nid ar gael yn y Gymraeg. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is the less well-known branch of cardiovascular disease which relates to the narrowing or obstruction of the arteries in the legs. Previous research has shown that individuals with PAD have a three-to-six-fold increased risk of cardiovascular death compared to those who don’t have it. The main… Darllen mwy »

Ymchwilio i ddefnyddio system byffer protein gwahanol yn lle defnyddio anifeiliaid wrth gynhyrchu cynnyrch imiwnodiagnostig

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

(English) The Student Perspective by Emma Williams, Cardiff University. I am working with a company called Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, who manufacture immuno-diagnostic products. The company currently have around 50 types of medical kit and as part of my project I am working on two of these. The medical kits that I am working on are their Rubella and anti-HIV diagnostic kits.

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Dylunio a datblygu system newydd ar gyfer sychrewi di-haint samplau bach o hydoddiant dyfrllyd (Safbwynt Academaidd)

(English) Cardiff Metropolitan University has recently had its first KESS PhD completion; the project developed novel packaging solutions for the freeze-drying of specialist pharmaceuticals. The KESS student, Dr Chris Cherry, was based at the host company, MicroPharm Ltd in West Wales. The academic supervision for the project was provided jointly by The National Centre for Product Design & Development Research (PDR) and The Cardiff School of Health Sciences (CSHS); both academic schools are based on Cardiff Met’s Llandaff Campus. The KESS project covered the science of mass and heat transfer characterisation through to the challenges of maintaining sterility and containment within a freeze dryer. This research project delivered a very successful PhD in just over three years. In addition, the collaborative nature of the project has derived a range of supplementary benefits for the student, company and university. This case study describes the chronology of the KESS project, and attempts to capture the tangible (and intangible) benefits to the three main parties.

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