Astudiaethau Achos: Prifysgol De Cymru

Troi nwyon gwastraff yn gynnyrch adnewyddadwy

Rhiannon Chalmers-Brown

Mae Rhiannon Chalmers-Brown wedi dychwelyd i astudio ar gyfer ei Doethuriaeth ym Mhrifysgol De Cymru, ar ôl cael BSc mewn Cemeg yn y coleg hwnnw. Cafodd ei hannog gan ei goruchwyliwr ymchwil, Richard Dinsdale, i wneud cais am yr ysgoloriaeth KESS 2, gan fod ganddi ddiddordeb brwd mewn ynni adnewyddadwy a’r sector amgylcheddol yn gyffredinol…. Darllen mwy »

Cefnogi pobl sydd â niwed i’r ymennydd yn gysylltiedig ag alcohol

Rob Heirene

Ar hyn o bryd, mae Rob Heirene yn gweithio tuag at Ddoethuriaeth KESS 2 sy’n cael ei hariannu gan Gronfa Gymdeithasol Ewrop, a hynny ym Mhrifysgol De Cymru. Mae’n gwneud gwaith ymchwil sy’n edrych ar sut y gellid gofalu am bobl sydd â niwed i’r ymennydd yn gysylltiedig ag alcohol mewn tai â chymorth. Mae… Darllen mwy »

Defnyddio Data Mawr i wella cynhyrchiant

Rebecca Peters

Mae Rebecca Peters yn fyfyriwr ymchwil yn Ysgol Cyfrifiadureg a Mathemateg Prifysgol De Cymru. Ar hyn o bryd mae’n gweithio ar ei Doethuriaeth dan raglen KESS 2 sy’n cael ei hariannu gan Gronfa Gymdeithasol Ewrop ym maes Dadansoddeg Data Mawr. A hithau’n gweithio yn Tata Steel ym Mhort Talbot, mae Rebecca yn defnyddio’i diddordeb brwd… Darllen mwy »

(English) Low carbon behaviour change improves the bottom line


(English) Low carbon behaviour change is a fundamental aspect of a transition to a low carbon society, but is also key when a large company is looking into reducing its utility bills. RUMM (Remote Utility Monitoring and Management) is a University of South Wales spin-out company helping companies consuming more than £100,000 of electricity, gas or water per year to reduce their energy bills…

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(English) Enhancing technology to improve patient care

Huntleigh Healthcare

Ymddiheurwn, nid ar gael yn y Gymraeg. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is the less well-known branch of cardiovascular disease which relates to the narrowing or obstruction of the arteries in the legs. Previous research has shown that individuals with PAD have a three-to-six-fold increased risk of cardiovascular death compared to those who don’t have it. The main… Darllen mwy »

Ffyrdd newydd o drin ffenomenon Raynaud (Cyflwyniad)

(English) Presentation by Danny Clegg, University of South Wales. The goal of the project is to provide tested and trialled gloves to people with Raynaud’s disease; with the intention of reducing severity of symptoms. Potential sites in the gloves for further intervention (such as heated elements) are being investigated based on anatomical sites of vascular insufficiency; as described by the use of infrared image analysis following symptom provocation.

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Ffyrdd newydd o drin ffenomenon Raynaud (Safbwynt Myfyriwr)

(English) Working with the company through the PhD One part of the project that I hadn’t expected involved me going over to the parent company in Latvia. I was able to go over and meet the owners of the company, while there I was given a tour around the site where the materials are made plus I was able to see their capabilities. While there I asked if I could have some prototypes made, I explained what I was trying to do I took some materials over with me and asked if they would be able to make mit? They didn’t speak any English and I was quite worried as to what was going to come back, I was very happy when they came back with 4 prototypes in 3 hours later.

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Profi dyluniad matres newydd ar ansawdd cwsg poblogaeth gan gynnwys pobl sydd â phroblemau cefn cronig (Cyflwyniad)

(English) The paucity of research in to sleep surfaces, sleep quality and back problems is surprising as we spend approximately a third of our lives asleep and 84% of the UK population will be afflicted with low back pain at some point in their lives.

The project will provide an objective assessment of mattress design in relation to back pain. A three month, double blind randomised controlled crossover study will take place in the participants own homes to ensure the most natural sleep environment.

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Ffyrdd newydd o drin ffenomenon Raynaud (Safbwynt Academaidd)

(English) The KESS project essentially looked at the provision of a better glove; the problem with most gloves is that they tend to be randomly made up of the materials available at that time. There are some very good glove materials available on the market, but consideration needs to be taken when looking at the combinations and the creations of the gloves.

As part of the KESS project we looked to generate a test which is less destructive and better for the patient/subject, while at the same time giving us the same information so we have that aspect, which means that the people/the end user will be benefitting. The project has created a test bed that we can use, and created a good link with the Raynaud’s and Scleroderma association who are the main beneficiaries to some extent. It’s tested and produced a methodology to test gloves and from that we have managed to get the data in.

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