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Automated Analysis of Public Health Protection Data – MPhil Scholarship

Automated Analysis of Public Health Protection Data Aberystwyth University, Department of Computer Science Project ID: AUM60001 Annual Stipend: £11,819 Application Deadline: 6th January 2021 Project Description Noise pollution has been identified not just as a nuisance, but as a serious risk to health[1].  This project will investigate the application of machine learning algorithms to extract… Read more »

U2B Editorial : KESS 2, connecting academia & industry through research

“Where blue skies thinking meets applied research… KESS is the much-needed bridge between industry and academia.” Don’t miss this fantastic editorial piece about KESS 2 published on U2B. To read the full article, visit: https://u2b.com/2019/12/04/kess-2-connecting-academia-industry-research/ Link opens in a new tab. Editorial length approx.1200 words.