Understanding the anti/pro tumourigenic role of INF-Y in intestinal cancer

Student: Chris Towers, Cardiff University
Company Partner: Tenovus
Academic Supervisor: Dr Lee Parry

The Student Perspective

by Chris Towers, Cardiff University

The Project

My KESS project is looking at the role of a molecule in the immune system called interferon gamma, and I am trying to find out whether it causes a positive or a negative effect in colorectal cancer.

My project is important because colorectal cancer is the second most deadly cancer and as a result it is immensely important to alleviate the suffering caused by this disease. If my research can help people who have this disease it can only be a good thing.

Personal Development

Thanks to the skills element of KESS I’ve attended training sessions on time and project management, I’ve also attended workshops on how to plan a project and what is expected of me as a scientist, I’ve also been looking at new technologies that will help me with my research.


Initially the cost of the MRes degree was daunting, it was not just the cost of the course but the additional living costs while studying. With KESS that burden has been lifted and I’ve been able to concentrate on my research. It’s also been good being involved with KESS because I’ve had the opportunity to meet with other KESS scholars, it’s been really good to share experiences.


The highlight for me to date has been the beginning of the data collection, the information I was getting back was really mixed, it was great to use the skills I’d developed to organise the data and to see that something was happening, to be honest it was very exciting.