Dr Christian DunnĀ 

Wetlands scientist Dr Christian Dunn shares his experience of completing a PhD through KESS 2. He talks about his PhD research which looked at creating carbon credits using peatlands, his career pathway and the subsequent opportunities that came about following his KESS 2 participation.

Mirain Llwyd Roberts

Intergenerational Co-ordinator Mirain Llwyd Roberts talks about her experience of completing a Masters by Research through KESS 2. During her study period, Mirain attended a number of conferences, the most noteable being in Portland, USA where she was given the opportunity to present her research and gain more confidence in public speaking.

Dr Rhiannon Chalmers-Brown

Biochemist Dr Rhiannon Chalmers-Brown talks about her KESS 2 PhD experience; her career pathway, the opportunities given when studying through KESS 2, as well as life obstacles she had to overcome in order to complete her PhD. She also shares the challenges faced as a woman working in a male-dominated steel industry.

John Likeman

John Likeman, CEO of software development company Gwylan UK Ltd. gives a company partner’s account of undertaking research and development through KESS 2. He talks about how, following their KESS 2 collaboration, the company has soared and become an industry leader in their area of expertise.

Dr Liz Morris-Webb

Ocean scientist Dr Liz Morris-Webb shares her perspective on KESS 2 participation, both as PhD researcher and as company supervisor. Working and researching in marine conservation, she gives an honest account of her KESS 2 experience, why she decided to undertake research through KESS 2 and the challenges faced and overcome in the process.

Dr Sopan Patil

Dr Sopan Patil, a School of Natural Sciences lecturer at Bangor University, talks about his experience of collaborating with KESS 2 from an academic supervisor’s perspective. He shares the highlights and challenges of 3-way collaborative research projects, the benefits of bridging the gap between industry and academia, and imparts some advice for PhD students.

Prof James McDonald

Professor in Microbial Ecology James McDonald talks about the many benefits of being involved with a KESS 2 project from an academic supervisor’s perspective. He shares his insights about collaborative industry focused research and his “golden rules” for working with academic supervisors.

Alastair Richards

Alastair Richards, CEO of North West Cancer Research, shares a company partner’s perspective of collaborative research initiated through KESS 2. He talks about how their research projects are academically led and how ESF funds through KESS 2 can attract more quality researchers to advance cancer knowledge and study.