KESS 2 and KESS 2 East are providing collaborative funded PhD and Research Masters opportunities across Wales until December 2023. Both programmes are supported by European Social Funds (ESF) through the Welsh Government and involve all universities in Wales, led by Bangor University. KESS 2 research projects are tailored specifically to an area of interest to a company partner, combining R&D with real-world application from the outset of a project. Following the first KESS programme, which ran between 2009 and 2014, KESS 2 and KESS 2 East will provide over 645 scholarships during their operational lifetimes.

What’s it like to be a KESS 2 postgraduate researcher?

From the valuable business links to the collaboration involved, KESS 2 scholarships are unique and no two projects are alike. KESS 2 funded research has taken place between postgraduate researchers and company partners across different academic disciplines and business sectors. As well as integrating the Postgraduate Skills Development Award (PSDA) into every scholarship, KESS 2 postgraduate researchers attend a residential Grad School where they can participate in workshops and meet other scholars outside of the research environment. Find out more about our postgraduate researchers’ experiences in our Case Studies.

What makes KESS 2 Scholarships different?

  • The programme is based on collaboration, something that is increasingly important to the success of both large and small businesses.
  • The research project is specific to an area of interest for the company partner.
  • The company partner provides real-world context, application and supervision for KESS 2 postgraduate researchers as well as access to their business for some of the study period.
  • All projects integrate personal development with a higher-level skills training programme meaning that a KESS 2 researcher really understands how to apply their knowledge in a business and enterprise context.

Further information

Are you an active KESS 2 postgraduate researcher looking for more information about your KESS 2 participation? Visit our Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

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Dr Christian Dunn