Fabrication and modelling of thin-silicon PV cells

Student: Gareth Blayney
Company: Pure Wafer International Ltd
Academic Supervisor: Dr Owen Guy & Prof Paul Rees


Low-cost, Low-carbon and Local!

Swansea University, in collaboration with Swansea based Pure Wafer International Limited, have successfully developed a new low-cost solar cell from reclaimed silicon, a by-product of the semiconductor industry. Reclaimed silicon is currently shipped overseas to be reprocessed into lower quality crystalline photovoltaic technology (PV) cells. However, the development of PV technology with Swansea University is helping Pure Wafer’s exciting venture into the solarcell market.

KESS PhD student Gareth Blayney, is half way through a 3 year project to research incorporation of the novel technology into the production of a commercial solar cell. Speaking about his experience on the project Gareth said, “I really appreciate the opportunity that the ESF funding has given me by providing the KESS scholarship and really think that this scheme is helping to drive forward innovation in Wales that will lead to tangible economic benefits and a greener environment.”