KESSmas Event at the University of South Wales

On 10th December 2019 the KESS 2 Team at the University of South Wales held a “KESSmas” event. The event featured a Q&A session with KESS 2 student Chelsea Courts, a Pecha Kucha competition with 6 participants presenting as well as a Christmas quiz.

Presenting in the Pecha Kucha challenge were Hannah Parry, Kerry-ann Liles, Molly Curtis, Miriam Jackson and Michal Czachor with Michal being the overall winner of the competition.

Competitor Name Project Title
Hannah Parry Prescribing lifestyle changes for cardiovascular health
Kerry-Ann Liles An investigation into the effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing techniques to address hoarding behaviour.
Molly Curtis An exploration of compassionate care from the perspectives of older people, carers and service providers
Miriam Jackson Conversion of Sulfur Rich Compounds into Sulfate as a Synthetic Strategy to Sulfuric Acid
Michal Czachor Hydrogen Amplification from Coke Oven Gas (COG)

Pecha Kucha Winner : Michal Czachor

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