Category: Tenovus Cancer Care

Delineating how PI3K/PTEN oncogenic signalling contributes to prostate cancer

Student: Manisha Dass Supervisor: Dr Helen Pearson Location: Cardiff University Cancer Type: Prostate Cancer Start and end date: Jan 18 – Jan 21 Prostate cancer is the second major cause of cancer-related deaths in men, accounting for over 300,000 deaths per year worldwide. Despite high response rates to androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) in advanced prostate cancer patients, nearly all eventually… Read more »

The Psychosocial Cancer Evaluation Toolkit: developing a tailored evaluation protocol and research outcome database for the evaluation of cancer support and prevention initiatives.

Student: Zoe Cooke Supervisor: Dr Ceri Phelps Location: University of Wales Trinity Saint David Cancer Type: All Start and end date: Feb 18 – Feb 21 The overall aim of this PhD studentship is firstly to identify, quantify and map core evaluation outcomes for psychosocial cancer initiatives and secondly, to develop and evaluate the utility of a bespoke computer database… Read more »

A Drosophila in vivo platform for the identification of radiation sensitivity biomarkers

Student: Terrence Trinca Supervisor: Dr Joaquín de Navascués Melero Location: Cardiff University Cancer Type: All – Radiotherapy Start and end date: Oct 17 – Oct 20 Radiotherapy is an essential component of cancer treatment, indicated to around 50% of all cancer patients, responsible for 40% of cures, and very cost effective (5% of the cancer care costs). However, its efficacy… Read more »

Exploiting DNA repair defects found in cancer cells for treatment with topoisomerase poisons and nucleoside analogues

Student: Martina Salerno Supervisor: Dr Edgar Hartsuiker Location: Bangor University Cancer Type: All Start and end date: Nov 17 – Nov 20 The overall aim of the project is to improve cancer outcomes by exploiting DNA repair defects frequently found in cancer cells for therapy. Specifically they will screen for and develop a novel inhibitor (a gene whose presence prevents… Read more »

Oral chemotherapy management in the home: an exploratory case study of treatment adherence in people with cancer living in the Valleys of South East Wales

Student: TBC Supervisor: Professor Jane Hopkinson Location: Cardiff University Cancer Type: All – Chemotherapy Start and end date: Oct 17 – Oct 20 Over 25% of cancer treatment is now delivered using oral anti-cancer medications. Little is known about cancer treatment management in the home. It requires the person with cancer, but often also a carer, to have knowledge, skill… Read more »

A coping skills educational intervention to help lung cancer nurses and their patients achieve even more positive outcomes from their time together and, by extension, increase uptake of lung cancer support services.

Student (MPhil): Patrick Cronin Supervisor: Dr Simon Payne Location: Aberystwyth University Cancer type: Lung Start and End Date: Sep 2017 – Sep 2018 Lung cancer nurses face a daunting task: half of people with Lung Cancer die within six months of diagnosis, 75% within one year, and five-year survival rates are ~9% (Macmillan Cancer Support, 2014); how do you support… Read more »

Developing open source tools and support materials to enable non-expert GIS users to measure geographical accessibility to screening and cancer support services in relation to small area trends in cancer incidence

Student: Richard Williams Supervisor: Professor Gary Higgs Location: University of South Wales Cancer Type: All – Geographical accessibility to treatment Start and End Date: Oct 2016 – Sep 2019 The PhD studentship will build on previously published peer-reviewed research conducted in the GIS Research Centre of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science, developing small area measures of geographical accessibility… Read more »

Development of a generic approach for highly selective delivery of therapeutics for cancer treatment

Student: Emily Mills Supervisor: Dr Yu-Hsuan Tsai Location: Cardiff University Cancer Type: All – Cancer drug delivery Start and End Date: Oct 2017 – Sep 2020 Most cancer drugs are not very selective and often cause adverse side effects in the body. Consequently, chemotherapy can be an unbearable experience for patients. We intend to improve cancer outcome and patient experience… Read more »

Lay referral in the early diagnosis of cancer

Student: Emma Campbell Supervisor: Dr Julia Hiscock Location: Bangor University Cancer Type: All – Early cancer diagnosis Start and End Date: Oct 2017 – Sep 2020 To understand contemporary lay referral for potentially cancerous symptoms and to learn if and how they can encourage earlier diagnosis of cancer. This will provide information that can be used for policy and practice interventions… Read more »

PET Labelled Probes for Cancer Patient Stratification

Student: Roderick Stark Supervisor: Dr Ian Fallis Location: Cardiff University Cancer Type: All – Cancer treatment Start and End Date: Oct 2016 – Sep 2019 The future clinical relevance of this work is that since the proposed tracers will be pharmacologically identical to gemcitabine and its pro-drug analogues, their PET assayed uptake will be a direct indicator of their suitability of… Read more »