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Collating current evidence on wild ungulate species population management : Owain Barton publishes first paper in PLoS ONE

A photograph of two fallow deer

Bangor University KESS 2 PhD candidate Owain Barton has published his first paper in the academic journal PLoS ONE (Impact Factor 3.24). Owain’s research investigates factors influencing landscape-scale use of woodlands by fallow deer and is conducted in collaboration with The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (www.gwct.org.uk/wales) and The British Deer Society (www.bds.org.uk). The aim of… Read more »

BBC Springwatch feature Bangor University KESS 2 Aesculapian snake research project

Two people capturing a juvenile snake in a forest.

  On 8th June 2022, KESS 2 PhD researcher Tom Major and Bangor University peer Lauren Jeffrey, both from the School of Natural Sciences, featured on the BBC’s Springwatch sharing their research on the introduced Aesculapian snake population in Colwyn Bay. Tom and Lauren have been radio tracking the snakes, allowing them to understand their… Read more »

Cat Joniver and Angelos Photiades publish first joint paper in the International Journal Algal Research

Aberystwyth University KESS 2 PhD candidates Cat Joniver and Angelos Photiades have co-authored their first paper in the International Journal Algal Research (Impact Factor 4.401). Cat and Angelos’ research is focused on nuisance macroalgal (seaweed) blooms and the article ties together both of their research interests by exploring the ecological and socio-economic impacts that macroalgal blooms cause globally… Read more »

Second paper published by Anastasia Atucha in the journal Forests

Bangor University Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship (KESS 2) PhD candidate Anastasia Atucha has published her second paper, a systematic map of methods for measuring the frost tolerance of conifers, in a Special Issue of the journal Forests. Anastasia’s research is focused on the frost tolerance of the conifer Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis), which has involved… Read more »

Bangor University’s Anastasia Atucha publishes first paper in the journal Forestry

Bangor University KESS 2 PhD candidate Anastasia Atucha has published her first paper in the journal Forestry. Anastasia’s research is focused on studying the frost tolerance of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis). Climate change is expected to decrease frost damage levels of the important commercial tree species Sitka spruce in Great Britain, because Sitka spruce is… Read more »

The benefits of increased tree cover on ecosystem services from the Welsh uplands: KESS 2 participant Ashley Hardaker’s second paper published in ‘Ecosystem Services’

Bangor University KESS 2 PhD student Ashley Hardaker, who very recently passed his PhD viva , has published a second paper from his PhD in the journal Ecosystem Services (Impact Factor 6.33). This paper evaluates the potential consequences of a range of land-sparing and land-sharing approaches to increase tree cover on the economic value of… Read more »

Volatile organic compounds allow sensitive differentiation of biological soil quality: KESS 2 participant Rob Brown publishes first paper in ‘Soil Biology and Biochemistry’ journal.


Bangor University KESS 2 PhD student Rob Brown has published the first paper from his PhD in the journal Soil Biology and Biochemistry. Rob’s paper compares the sensitivity of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with a standard measure of the soil microbial community; phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) profiling. As explained in Rob’s recent case study, soil is… Read more »

Covid Chronicles (Video) : Tasmia Tahsin from Swansea University talks about her lockdown researching experiences

Covid Chronicles is a series of stories from KESS 2 participants in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is a video response from Tasmia Tahsin (Swansea University). You can read the video transcript below: Introduction My name is Tasmia, and I am a KESS 2 funded PhD student at Swansea University, which also collaborates with Cardiff University… Read more »

Throwing new light on oak heart-rot

Oak Heart-Rot

  Research has begun this summer to throw new light into a little understood condition in older oak trees – heart-rot. Mycologist Richard Wright has started a three and a half year KESS 2 PhD research project under the Action Oak initiative, which is supported by European Social Funds (ESF), supervised by Professor Lynne Boddy… Read more »