BBC Springwatch feature Bangor University KESS 2 Aesculapian snake research project

Tom Major and Lauren Jeffrey in Colwyn Bay woodlands capturing a young snake.

Tom Major and Lauren Jeffrey speaking on the BBC’s Springwatch (2022)


On 8th June 2022, KESS 2 PhD researcher Tom Major and Bangor University peer Lauren Jeffrey, both from the School of Natural Sciences, featured on the BBC’s Springwatch sharing their research on the introduced Aesculapian snake population in Colwyn Bay.

Tom and Lauren have been radio tracking the snakes, allowing them to understand their habitat use and movement patterns. They have also been conducting a mark-recapture study to work out the size of the population.

Tom said,

“Being filmed for Springwatch was a fantastic experience, it was exciting to see how a production is made by the professionals at the BBC. It is superb exposure for the project, and very gratifying to see the response it has been getting on social media. People are really interested in snakes!”

You can watch Tom and Lauren’s Springwatch feature in the video below or on BBC iPlayer at (starts at 35:40)


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