Website launch reveals brand new platform for sharing KESS 2 project news and successes

The KESS 2 website was launched during a presentation evening in the Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre in Bangor on 4th April 2017. The new website will give easy-access to key information about the KESS 2 programme, host a library of KESS 2 project case studies, feature the latest available scholarships and be a home for KESS 2 news articles so that all successes of the project can be publicised and shared over the next six years.

Prof John Hughes

Prof John Hughes, Vice Chancellor of Bangor University

Speaking at the launch, Prof John Hughes, Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University said:

“Capturing the complexity and diversity of the KESS 2 project is a challenging task – The new website is the platform for us all to showcase the great work we are undertaking under the KESS 2 umbrella across the whole of Wales.”

The new website is intended to be a dynamic hub for communicating what is achieved by the collaborative research study happening between academia and business sectors throughout Wales. It hopes to develop into a valuable resource for all who partake in KESS 2 as well as being the digital platform from which to share project news, successes and case studies with a wider audience.

During the launch event, perspectives were heard from representatives of each project stakeholder group; David Lea-Wilson of Halen Môn spoke as an active KESS 2 company partner, Dr Hongyun Tai of Bangor University’s School of Chemistry as an academic supervisor and Pip Jones, a current KESS 2 PhD student. All three speakers offered a glimpse of exciting possibilities for future KESS 2 case studies and shared their insights of taking part in KESS 2 funded research projects to date.

David Lea-Wilson

David Lea-Wilson of Halen Môn

David Lea-Wilson, who currently has two active KESS 2 projects at Halen Môn said:

“I can’t think of a better way of bringing access to academia that’s on our doorstep… What we’re trying to do here is to identify the unique thing that will make that product or project fly at an early stage, and we can involve the PhD student right at the beginning”

Pip Jones, whose KESS 2 project recently featured on the BBC programme Countryfile, said:

“There’s creativity, innovation, outside the box thinking integral to all [KESS 2] projects. And it’s necessary in the world of business to have those sort of projects going on and KESS therefore takes the world of business and academia, fuses them together, and the resulting products are very innovative and interesting ones.  As a student that makes for a very exciting thing to be doing.”

To ensure that meaningful consideration to the well-being of current and future generations is embedded throughout the programme, KESS 2 has also partnered with Bangor University’s Sustainability Lab. Details of KESS 2’s commitment can be found on the Sustainability page of the website, which offers further information and guidance for all partners of the project.

The second phase of website development is already underway and feedback regarding user experiences is welcomed via the email ‘suggestion box’ at

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