World Kidney Day 2022

Emma Jones sitting by her desk

10th March 2022 is World Kidney Day and here at KESS 2 we are highlighting some of the fantastic kidney related research funded by the ESF in partnership with Kidney Wales.

KESS 2 researchers Emma Jones of Bangor University and Lauren Jones of Cardiff Metropolitan University both have research projects with Kidney Wales. Lauren’s project investigates the Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV), a widespread virus that is particularly dangerous for kidney transplant patients, whilst Emma’s research aims to understand why some patients with kidney disease refuse or opt-out of a kidney transplant.

Emma says,

“World Kidney Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about kidney disease and highlight the impact of the effects living with kidney disease has on people’s lives. KESS 2 has provided me an opportunity to work with company partners Kidney Wales and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board charities, to undertake qualitative research to explore and understand the reasons why some people with kidney disease say ‘no’ to having a kidney transplant. Learning from people’s experiences that led to their decision to choose and decline a kidney transplant, will help us gain a deeper insight and better understand patients thought processes and what influences their decision-making.”

Kidney Wales Q&A with Emma Jones and Lauren Jones, December 2021 (Video)

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