Do you write articles or blog posts as part of your KESS 2 research project?

Many participants write or blog during their MRes or PhD research, whether it’s for their University or School, for platforms such as The Conversation, or for affiliated partners’ independent websites.

Let us know if you are writing or blogging!

✏️ If you are already writing let us know! We are always hungry for your stories and the KESS 2 website is the perfect platform for sharing your content. If you have already written a blog article and would like to expand your audience, we can repost* your content on the KESS 2 site – Email us at

🤔 If you would like to write and don’t have a platform to do it, KESS 2 is here for you. Submit your blogs or articles to and we can work together to share your content on the KESS 2 website.

Email us at kess 2

What are the benefits:

  • Extra exposure and publicity for your research projects and for you as a professional
  • Flexibility to write articles of your desired length with or without images as you choose (on the KESS 2 website)
  • Great practice for communicating your research via the media
  • KESS 2 will share your submissions on Twitter and Facebook!

*Please make sure you obtain the relevant permissions from your partners, if required, before submitting an article.

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