Datblygu amrywiaeth o domatos sy’n gallu gwrthsefyll malltod hwyr – ar gyfer hinsawdd Gogledd Ewrop (Safbwynt Busnes)

Myfyriwr: James Stroud
Cwmni: Sárvári Research Trust (SRT)
Goruchwyliwr Academaidd: Dr Katherine Steele

David Shaw, Sarvari Research Trust:

Sarvari ResearchTrust is a small organisation, so one of the things that attracted us to the KESS programme was the ability to have a substantial piece of research done for a relatively low price. It was also about finding the areas of interest that academic staff had at the University and realising that we shared common interests which we could use to train a student researcher – while producing results that were of use to all three in the collaboration.