Astudiaethau Achos: Prifysgol Abertawe

Sut mae offer digidol yn galluogi cydweithredu rhwng busnesau bach, canolig a mawr a llywodraeth yng Nghymru i geisio canlyniadau economi gylchol.

digital tools for circular economy

SOPHIE MULLINS SAFBWYNT MYFYRIWR Mae’r economi gylchol yn symud i ffwrdd o’r economi draddodiadol cymryd-gwneud-gwastraff i ddatblygu dyfodol mwy cynaliadwy. Gallai’r economi gylchol ddarparu ffordd newydd o fyw yn y dyfodol a datblygu rhyngweithio rhwng busnesau, cyrff llywodraethol a’i gilydd. Nod fy mhrosiect, dan y teitl “Sut mae offer digidol yn galluogi cydweithredu rhwng busnesau… Darllen mwy »

Tracio ymgysylltiad ymwelwyr ar sawl dimensiwn: astudiaeth achos arloesol gyda Gardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol Cymru

(English) The Student Perspective by Gwendoline Wilson, Swansea University. My KESS project is looking at visitor behaviour in the National Botanical Gardens using animal tracking devices on humans. These devices not only track people’s movements throughout the garden but also where they are looking. This allows me to map out the parts of the garden that receive the highest volumes of traffic and those areas where there is less interest.

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Datblygu cynnyrch ar gyfer rhyddhau cyffuriau dan reolaeth ar y croen ac ar draws y croen gan ddefnyddio micronodwyddau a dulliau encapsiwleiddio micro/nano (Cyflwyniad)

(English) This research project aimed to design a controlled release drug delivery using PLGA and PCL microspheres in conjugation with hydrogel patches. It is believed that development of such a novel drug delivery system would be use for treatments of many dermatological conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

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CORS – Storio carbon mewn pridd organig (Safbwynt Busnes)

(English) The Authority has developed a Research Prospectus in order to help it answer some crucial questions about the Park’s changing environment and the resilience of the communities living here, and this research contributes directly to that knowledge base. The eventual publication of peer-reviewed papers for this research will help to raise the Authority’s and the Park’s profile within the field of applied ecological research. This was the first time that this Authority entered a KESS studentship with a university.

Swansea University continues to maintain a regular and helpful research presence within the National Park. The CORS project evolved from discussions on how best to achieve added value research on raised bogs whilst avoiding the sort of disturbance that can be caused by ad hoc research.

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Patrymau gweithgarwch mewn mamaliaid: beth yw costau adsefydlu?

The impact for the RSPCA has been significant in that they have been able to review their rehabilitation and release strategies based on the work we have done together. This means more effective and successful care for Badgers in the future but also, the RSPCA (and other organisations) have a framework for best practise for the reintroduction of any rehabilitated animals.

As a result of the public engagement work we have undertaken, such as appearing on television and radio, the profiles of both the RSPCA and Swansea University have been raised. Improving public awareness of environmental issues is an important outcome of projects such as this, with not only societal impact, but future economic impact as it leads to improved student recruitment to the university.

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