Astudiaethau Achos: cadwraeth

Astudiaeth Achos Alumni KESS 2 : Dr Abigail Lowe

Dr Abigail Lowe, Gwyddorau Biolegol : Ymchwilydd Botanegol ac Infertebratau yng Ngardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol Cymru Mae gerddi’n gynefinoedd hanfodol i bryfed peillio, gan ddarparu adnoddau blodeuol ac ardaloedd nythu. Mae llawer iawn o gefnogaeth gyhoeddus i dyfu planhigion sy’n “gyfeillgar i bryfed peillio” ond, er bod rhestrau yn bodoli o’r planhigion sydd orau ar gyfer… Darllen mwy »

Geneteg poblogaeth aderyn ysglyfaethus prin: y Barcud (Safbwynt Myfyriwr)

(English) After graduating from Aberystwyth University with a BSc degree in Equine Science it was a challenging project which confronted me when I commenced my studies last October. Also, coming from a very different background – a) being Latvian b) having my first education in Economics and c) the only animal I was at all familiar with being the horse – dealing with Red Kites and molecular genetics involved a lot of learning before commencing the research. However, by reading a tremendous amount of literature and ‘extracting the knowledge’ of my daily academic supervisors Dr Rob McMahon and Dr Matt Hegarty, as well as meeting up with Professor Mike Hayward and Tony from the Welsh Kite Trust, step by step I soon realised my mission.

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CORS – Storio carbon mewn pridd organig (Safbwynt Busnes)

(English) The Authority has developed a Research Prospectus in order to help it answer some crucial questions about the Park’s changing environment and the resilience of the communities living here, and this research contributes directly to that knowledge base. The eventual publication of peer-reviewed papers for this research will help to raise the Authority’s and the Park’s profile within the field of applied ecological research. This was the first time that this Authority entered a KESS studentship with a university.

Swansea University continues to maintain a regular and helpful research presence within the National Park. The CORS project evolved from discussions on how best to achieve added value research on raised bogs whilst avoiding the sort of disturbance that can be caused by ad hoc research.

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