Astudiaethau Achos: Innovis

Ymgorffori bwyta cig oen a safon maethol mewn rhaglen bridio masnachol (Safbwynt Myfyriwr)

(English) Undertaking this research with Innovis Breeding Sheep Ltd. means that Eleri can learn a wide range of practical skills. The mixture of academic and company contacts, has created interactions with a large network of people who have assisted in the project. As the project is commercially based, it involves the measurement of lamb meat quality traits, in a range of different environments including farm, abattoir, processor and laboratories. It has allowed Eleri to develop a range of skills in all these areas in conjunction with the overall project management of this research. The contacts Eleri has met and learnt from, means that she will be looking to further her career in a similar area to this current project.

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