Astudiaethau Achos: iTunes

Effaith newid patrymau yn nefnydd a dosbarthiad cyfryngau digidol ar gwmnïau cynhyrchu cerddoriaeth sy’n fentrau bach a chanolig : edrych ar yr hyn sydd orau gan ddefnyddwyr, tueddiadau technolegol ac ymddygiad y gystadleuaeth. (Safbwynt Myfyriwr)

(English) Starting the PhD has opened up new challenges to me in terms of academic discipline; my PhD is a project that spans across two disciplines: the Business School and the School of Creative Industries, though the PhD itself sits within the Business School. From an academic development perspective having those two schools of thought has certainly helped me shape what I want to do in the future.

I think that there are a number of benefits for a company to work with a research partner, especially for a small company like Sain. In being a small company they have generally had to follow the larger companies in the industry in terms of development, working with a research partner has allowed them to see new ideas implemented much sooner. The company is constantly developing and as soon as something comes out from the research we try and implement it straight away.

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