Astudiaethau Achos: straen

Effeithiolrwydd rhaglen hyfforddiant gwytnwch sy’n gysylltiedig â golff ar iechyd meddwl ac iechyd ffisiolegol pobl ifanc yn ardal sir Gaerfyrddin yng Nghymru

Carmarthen Golf Club

(English) The Student Perspective by Hamish Cox, Cardiff Metropolitan University. The main aim of the project is to develop teenager’s life skills; this is achieved through the creation of an intervention programme in partnership with Carmarthen Golf Club. The main need for the project was highlighted in the Carmarthenshire County Council brief for health and wellbeing and community 2011-14. Essentially the local authority is working proactively ensuring that young people are ready for the future so that they can thrive in adulthood.

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