Astudiaethau Achos: Ysgol Gwyddorau Chwaraeon Iechyd ac Ymarfer

Asesu cydymffurfiad hylendid dwylo a diwylliant diogelwch bwyd mewn gweithgynhyrchu bwyd

EMMA SAMUEL SAFBWYNT MYFYRIWR Mae’n ddyletswydd ar fusnesau bwyd i sicrhau bod y bwyd maen nhw’n ei baratoi i bobl ei fwyta yn ddiogel. Un o’r ffyrdd symlaf a mwyaf effeithiol o gyflawni hyn yw trwy gynnal arferion hylendid dwylo rhagorol wrth gynhyrchu bwyd. Fodd bynnag, mae ymchwil yn dangos, am lu o resymau, bod… Darllen mwy »

Arwain Alldeithiau: Datblygu model ac edrych ar effaith arweinyddiaeth (Safbwynt Myfyriwr)

(English) To date I’ve been to three conferences, in my first year I went to the international leadership association conference in London, then I went to present a poster in Hawaii, which was a great experience, it was a huge conference with an international population. Then finally I went to the British Psychological society division of sport and exercise conference and won the student poster award, which was great and a bit of a shock really. I’ve recently had an article published in the Institute of Outdoor Learning magazine; ‘Horizons’. The IOL are an organisation for outdoor educators who are interested in the teaching and dissemination of information via the outdoor medium.

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Manteision cymryd rhan mewn gweithgareddau risg uchel yn yr awyr agored (Safbwynt Busnes)

(English) In the outdoors we have implied knowledge, in that we believe swimming in the outdoors for example is better for you than swimming in a pool. Working with the School of Sport, Health and Excercise Sciences at Bangor University allows Surflines to research and test those theories. We’ll be able to translate the research and inform potential about the advantages of outdoor activities.

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Effeithiolrwydd cynnyrch goroesi Reflexcell i warchod pobl mewn amgylcheddau eithafol / Goblygiadau cynnyrch Reflexcell o ran iechyd pobl (Safbwynt Academaidd)

In the short term this research has helped Blizzard to understand how their products compare to other widely used products, like polythene survival bags. The research project has given the company some empirical evidence and some real numbers to help support their assertion that their product competes well against the best on the market.

In the long term, we are hoping that the emergency and armed services will look to adopt these products, so enabling them to better care for cold casualties in the field as a result of this research.
Positives for the school and other students

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