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Astudiaeth Achos Alumni KESS 2 : Dr Dyfed Morgan (Fideo)

Dr Dyfed Morgan : Hyrwyddwr Asesu Cylch Bywyd a Chynaliadwyedd – fideo astudiaeth achos. Cwblhaodd Dyfed Morgan ei PhD ym Mhrifysgol Bangor ac mae bellach yn gweithio ym mharc gwyddoniaeth MSparc fel Hyrwyddwr Asesu Cylch Bywyd a Chynaliadwyedd. Meddai Dyfed, “Mi wnes i benderfynu gwneud yr ysgoloriaeth KESS 2 ar ôl gwneud gradd feistr yn… Darllen mwy »

Mary Richards (Darowen) a chasglu alawon traddodiadol Cymru (Safbwynt Myfyriwr)

(English) I loved working with the company because it drew upon my love and expertise of the history of Welsh music. It was nice to have different perspective of my work outside of the world of academia, which at times was refreshing.

In the work place I gained extensive experience of using software that was beneficial for my PhD and the work with the company, it developed my musical and technical skills and that helped with what I was doing day to day with the PhD, and with the company’s publications in the long term. I was also given the opportunity to use new and different software on digitising tonic sol-fa into modern notation which was beneficial for the company as well. When typesetting the music I could put the tonic sol-fa line in, a considerable number of males voice choirs wanted the tonic sol-fa and instead of sending work out, it could be done internally.

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Meithrin Gallu a Throsglwyddo Sgiliau Iaith yn yr Economi Ddigidol Gymraeg (Cyflwyniad)

(English) By the middle of the 20th century, the decline was so obvious that a number of initiatives were set up in order to stop the language disappearing and keep this important part of Welsh culture alive. Amongst other efforts, Welsh courses for adults were provided across Wales, to help increase the number of new speakers. In 1982, Nant Gwrtheyrn was established as a residential centre, and since then over 25,000 people have attended Welsh classes there.

In 2011, a partnership between Nant Gwrtheyrn and Cardiff University was formed, through the KESS programme. The intention was to combine years of experience in the field of teaching Welsh to adults with skills and knowledge in the fields of research and digital technology. Our vision is that e-learning will help to increase the number of successful Welsh learners. It is therefore important that the e-learning draws on research which shows which techniques result in successful learners.

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Mary Richards (Darowen) a chasglu alawon traddodiadol Cymru (Safbwynt Academaidd)

(English) The project provided the opportunity to reveal music from the past with great benefits for present day Welsh culture and music, highlighting aspects of Welsh music that has never been seen, heard or performed before in Wales.

The collection of 88 folk songs from the 19th Century had been archived in the National Library in Aberystwyth. Through Leila’s KESS PhD project in conjunction with Curiad Music this collection was published for the first time.

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